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term-team-logoThe Term Team was founded to offer a personalized approach to financial health and wellness for idividuals, families and business’ from all walks of life. We are motivated and dedicated to recommit them to financial health and safe money principles practiced and taught from within our company. We genuinely seek to create a healthier and debt fress human race, one person at a time. This through a safe educational environment where learning and growth can happen. The Term Team center responds to the needs of the Idividual in the following ways:

By providing assistance through our on-going various educational modalities to those experiencing personal difficulties that are impeding their life and financial health as well as fulfilling their potentials as a company, family or individual; By providing an atmosphere for personal improvement, cost savings, counseling, and renewal; By offering no cost assessments, needs evaluations, counseling, lifestyle direction (change), and education/training on such salient aspects of human living as personal saving, financial management, and Just Paying Attention