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Get your free easy life insurance quote from The Term Team. The Term Team can write your Term Life, Universal Life, or Whole Life Insurance for you in all 50 states with our many life insurance carriers. In partnership with and we write term life Insurance for two hundred plus Carriers such as: Transamerica Life, Nationwide, AIG, John Hancock Life, ING Life Insurance, Banner Life, Prudential Life, Met Life, American General Life, Genworth Life, Protective Life, Minnesota Life, Aviva Life, American National, Allianz Life, SBLI Life, North American Life, Great American Life, Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha, Lincoln Benefit Life. Please check out our Just Pay Attention Blog on Finances and Fitness to help set up guidelines and priorities for your family. Our Instant Term Life Quoter will be able to give you quick pricing of Life insurance for all of our carriers. It is so easy, you can do it yourself or contact us and we will walk you through our system to make sure that you have the best Life Insurance coverage for your family! Take advantage of our Free “Money Edge Pro” Personal Review Organizer to help you to budget and organize your life..